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   Ford offers the widest variety of trucks built for commercial applications. Everything from E-series cargo vans and wagons to Super Duty F-Series trucks and chassis cabs that can be tailored to meet specific vocational needs.

    Whether the job is big, or huge - Ford has the go-to line of trucks. And when you see that Ford is the sales leader in many categories of commercial trucks, you can be sure it's more than a popularity contest. For years, for decades, Ford trucks have gotten the job done. No matter what your business is, Ford's got what it takes.

    The best-selling truck in the U.S. and the world, F-Series reports to work in a variety of drivetrain, wheelbase, cargo box and cab choices to suit your crew and payload needs. E-Series has been the best-selling full size van in America since 1979. It provides a near-endless variety of configurations and customization possibilities, whether the mission is hauling cargo, people, or both.

    Contact Joe Myers Ford to help you select the right truck and the right services to meet your needs.

F-Series - The Best-Selling Truck in the U.S. and the world!


F-250 - The F-250 distinguishes itself among the Super Duty F-Series lineup as the logical first step into the world of over 8,500 lb trucks. The F-250 comes in three cabs, Regular Cab, Super Cab, and Crew Cab.


F 350 - The F-350 distinguishes itself among the Super Duty F-Series lineup as tough and versatile.

F-450 - The F-450 distinguishes itself among the Super Duty F-Series lineup as the one that gets the call when there's a lot of demanding duty to be done.


F-550 - The F-550 distinguishes itself among the Super Duty F-Series lineup by offering a choice of cabs, built on the philosophy that customers know what cab configuration works best for their commercial application.

Transit Connect  Vans and Wagons  

If the wrong set of wheels is holding back your business, you're ready for the one-of-a-kind Transit Connect. This all-new, right-sized business vehicle combines the room and versatility of a van with the efficiency of a large car. So it can swallow cargo, sip gas1 and park in a tight space, all while standing out in a crowd.

Van - The 2-seat Transit Connect Cargo Van provides a huge cargo box with all-around access, and near vertical
sidewalls let you make the best use of all that space. Sliding doors on both sides of the van let you load and unload the front half of the cargo area, or help position long items being loaded from the rear.

XLGVWR is 5005 lbs.
XLTGVWR is 5005 lbs. 135 cu. ft of cargo!

Wagon - Choose Transit Connect Wagon if your business requires all hands on board. With room

for 4 in XL trim, or 5 in XLT, both models feature folding 2nd-row seats for ultimate versatility.
Plus, seats are designed for supportive comfort, and covered in durable cloth to help stand up to years of
hard use. AdvanceTrac®with RSC®(Roll Stability ControlTM)1 provides enhanced vehicle stability
in a wide range of conditions. All of which makes Transit Connect Wagon one very attractive
business proposition.

XL4-passenger 118 cu. ft of cargo behind the stowed 2nd row seats. 78 cu. ft of cargo behind the 2nd row.
XLT5-passenger 118 cu. ft of cargo behind the stowed 2nd row seats. 78 cu. ft of cargo behind the 2nd row

E-Series Vans 

When you depend upon a truck to earn your living, it should offer the strength, durability, reliability, and performance found in the E-Series Super Duty Commercial Van.

E-150GVWR 8200 lbs.
E-250GVWR 8800 lbs.
E-350GVWR 9600 lbs.

E-Series Cutaway - E-Series Cutaway appeals to commercial users who are looking for a practical, hardworking truck that they can depend on for a wide range of applications.

E-350GVWR 9,600-11,500 lbs.
E-450GVWR of 14,050 lbs.

E-Series Stripped Chassis - The E-Series Commercial Stripped Chassis represents the ultimate in functionality and versatility. The 2008 model year E-Series continues to build on its proven strengths as the leader in its class.

E-350GVWR 9,600-11,000 lbs.
E-450GVWR of 14,050 lbs.